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I love 3D, and 3D movies. Only the ones that are done well. Not many unfortunately. There are too many clowns who think they know 3D and the only thing they do is that they give 3D a bad name. I invented techniques that make the 3D so awesome that you do not want to take your eyes off of the picture once you see it.

Yes 3D movies are the best visual experience a human can have today. Is by far better than reality. We have 2 eyes in a fixed distance with a fixed lens. We have evolved like that. Now our intelligence has skyrocketed.

From not been able to see at all now we have the Hubble telescope and others and we can see billions of years in the past! In 3D also.

We have developed lenses and techniques that can show us visuals way better and way above from what our fixed eyes can see. Thousands of lenses we have developed can capture images from panoramic to microscopic and everything in between.

    Ted Amaradidis

You can make a movie with one lens only. And a great one for sure. The same way the Neanderthal made awesome paintings on the walls that even today we love! Either way an awesome movie is awesome regardless. Too many variables to mention what makes a great movie and great to whom. A maid may have a different opinion than an F-16 pilot or a doctor. And all can be correct also. Nobody should be forced to like a particular movie or kind of movies.

Some like Mr. Tarantino and some hate him. Some consider religious movies a waste and for some is everything etc etc.

3D movies, 3D photography and 3D planning and filming are not easy by far.

There are rules and there are unwritten rules that once you have mastered them you will appreciate visuals like you never appreciated them before. By far!

My name is Theodoros. I’m many things. I’m also a film maker, a producer, a writer, a futurist, a science fan, a non religious person by far however a very moral and decent human. I believe. We all change every day want it or not. We all have our faults and our awesome points.

I’m trying to find myself daily. It’s not an easy task. We are all a mystery. I think I have a glimpse of who we are but I don’t think in general that at this point anyone knows anything about it. Evolved monkeys? Aliens? Gods? AI? When you can not prove something scientifically then everything goes. Better be agnostic for me.

I come from a Greek Orthodox family. Born in northern Greece by Greek parents.

My parents passed and I’m 59 years old now.

I decided to make this site so anyone who likes to know about me so he or she can find out first hand although I believe that facts talk more than someones words. A lot more so you can take this as a start.

Like so many people on the web I love to have friends and associates from all over the world and I do. If you like to be friends just contact me at one of my sites: www.3dmovies.com or via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3DMoviesYCT

Thank you so much for your interest and I hope we can be friends and partners or associates.


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